One Million Stars to End Violence – Blackall

I’m out and about on a project, in my home town Blackall, Central Western Queensland.  Led by the ladies of the Creative Circle the town has committed to making 10 thousand stars for the One Million Stars to End Violence project.  With the aid of the an RDAF Grant they have kindly invited me co-ordinate an installation of their stars (6000) so far.

I met the local Star Weavers this morning at their weekly session.  One of the ladies brought along a second visitor, a 4 week old kitten she is caring for.  Her husband found the poor little guy at the local dump wrapped in a chip packet.  Considering the One Million Stars project began as a reaction to the rape and murder of a young woman, this little tabby was a stark reminder of the violence this project is rallying against.

At lunch I got to meet Wendy, the local who brought the project to Blackall.  She has been leading star making sessions at McLean Place Retirement Village.  After my cousin asked, “So how do you make these stars?” I got to see her explain the technique, and she is amazing at it!  … for those of you wondering if she was carry around paper strips in her bag, no that was me.

After lunch I went to talk to students at Blackall State School, as they too have been keen Star Weavers.

Finally Lynne, the local co-ordinator, and l went to the Red Ridge office where the Star Installation will be exhibited.  

Space cleared, cleaned and ready to go.

Already in the space are several beautiful tables made by a local woodworker.  They have opals set into them and Stars look just perfect on them.

There was one display item which I was having difficulty fitting into my “artistic vision”. I call it the Mexican cart.  Today I realised it was the attention grabber I wanted for the footpath!

Watch this space for its make over as the school students will be helping to decorate it tomorrow.

Finally I would like to share a quote from the founding artist of One Million Stars, Maryann Talia Pau:

 To me, one million stars represents how monumental the task of ending violence is and that everyone needs to participate to end all forms of violence. Each star represents a person’s commitment to practise light, hope, courage and solidarity and the one million star installation will be a peaceful statement against all forms of violence in our communities.

So from me, and Chupacabra the kitten, kisses and peace out.

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