One Million Stars to End Violence – Blackall Day 2

I mentioned yesterday that one of the school students suggested Shooting Stars.  I worked out a modification to the pattern last night and this morning Lynne and I made some.

I can’t get a good picture but I think they look really cute on the front window.

At lunchtime we were joined by the lovely Margaret and some of the students.  The Mexican Wagon was decorated and set straight to work.  It is quite the Show Stopper!


Our next visitor was Wendy (she of the highly entertaining star weaving instructions).  She came bearing gifts…. 880 Stars from McLean Place!

Look how elaborate they are!!!!

They’re all different patterns!  What was even more beautiful, was that she could tell me who had donated certain papers, who had made certain colours, and who came up with certain patterns.

We also had cool, painted  newspaper stars.  Some by the students, some by the McLean Place residents.

By the time Lynne and I shut up shop at 5.30 the large Shooting Star arrangement was taking shape. 

And the heart was complete and hung.  Thank you again to Margaret and the students for their help!

I spent this evening threading Stars ready to hang from the ceiling tomorrow.  It’s going to be a busy day!

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