Installations & Exhibitions

Home Filing System

Fireworks Gallery, 1994

Home Filing System, Fireworks Gallery 1994

In Remembrance

Metro Arts, 1995

Record Room

Soapbox Gallery, 1997

Keeping Tally

Soapbox Gallery, 1997

Records Department

Soapbox Gallery, 1998 & Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, 2001


Soapbox Gallery, 1999

They Were

Soapbox Gallery, 2002


Soapbox Gallery, 2003

Voices behind Glass

Institute of Modern Art, 2005

Wandering the Hall of Memories

Heartland Festival, Blackall, Queensland, 2007.

Into the Forest

Umbrella Studio, Townsville, 2007.


Sculpture by the Sea, 2008

Enshrining the Vestiges: The House is Silent

The Substation, Melbourne, 2009

Enshrining the Vestiges: Speaking Stones

The Shrine of Memories, Brisbane, 2009 & Memorial Park, Blackall, Queensland, 2010.


Richard Randall Studio, Brisbane 2019

Canopy: Urbanisation

Richard Randall Studio, Brisbane, 2020.

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