Public Art

Unearthed – Botanica 2018

Unearthed - Botanica 2018

Unearthed was part of the inaugural Botanica in 2018. I worked with a local games designer and a graphic designer to create an augmented reality app which overlaid historic images of the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens over the existing landscape.

Time & Tide – 2011

Recording the ebb and flow of the local history of South Bank in the perceived permanence of concrete.

Thank you to Beth Jackson for these images

Storyline – 2011

A guided path within a South Bank playground, inspired by a historical reminiscence of two children from different backgrounds playing together.

86 Burnett Lane – 2010

86 Burnett Lane - Brisbane CBD
86 Burnett Lane - Brisbane CBD

Commemorating early Brisbane history and a forgotten forefather through the timeline of commercial signage.

Created for the Brisbane City Council.

Flight of the Moth – 2011

Path in Calamvale Park featuring the Scribbly Gum Moth and local animals.

Created for the Brisbane City Council via workshops with local school children.

Blackall Cenotaph Refurbishment – 2009

When my hometown of Blackall refurbished the local Cenotaph I consulted on the design. Based on my own childhood memories of exploring the Cenotaph and Memorial Park I recommended adding a low wall behind the Cenotaph to create a sense of stage during formal events, and a place of play for children at other times. This way children develop an attachment to the place which underpins the symbolic importance when they learn of it later in life.

Piece by Piece – 2012 temporary

Created for the opening of the new Qld Multicultural Centre at Kangaroo Point, Piece by Piece deals with the experience of immigration in Queensland, focusing on Yungaba House. The artwork featured community participation through written and recorded memories.