One Million Stars – Blackall the handover

The last few days have been flat out! Hence the lack of blog posts!

First job Saturday was to start putting the Stars strung last night up on the walls:

And the ceiling

Look how cute they are moving in the air con breeze!

We had several helpers including Margaret and some of the students from yesterday.  Before we left for the day the students wrote messages on some Stars and put them on the entry windows.


The next morning the ceiling was completed.

And the Welcome Wagon was working hard out the front 

Lynne started a fan on the side wall

While I put the finishing touches on the Shooting Star.

Margaret was again our chief helper, with one of the students also returning for a third shift.

Now it’s time for me to hand the installation back to the community, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it in the next two weeks.

But I did make some more Shooting Stars on the trip to the airport …

And, on the plane trip home, I did work out those pretty folds the folk at McLean Place had been doing.

Me OCD? Nah!

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