My Day – A Good Day Indeed

I’ve been meaning to do a big meaningful post for weeeeeeeks but haven’t got there so here’s a quick one on my day!

I started by sleeping through my alarm because we had a market last night.

Luckily I still arrived at Qld Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists in time for the talk by Simone of Gum Blossom Yarns.  

A fantastic presentation and we had a great chat afterwards. We are both very much on the same page.  Look forward to seeing what she does next.

When I arrived I had been met by Kate, a new member at Spinners who I met for the first time at the Fibre Arts Expo last weekend. She had bought one of my scarves and was rocking it today!

After lunch Matt and I headed to the Rosalie Nursery for some Nasturtiums on Simone’s recommendation (they do a nice green dye) where we bought something else very exciting. More on that tomorrow.

I  spent the afternoon trying out some new fabric in the dye pot. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph the silk tanks which came out of the pot today. Great moody tones.

The day finished on a very happy note with the gift of Maleny Chocolate frogs from the neighbours.

A good day indeed.

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