My Day – the follow up

So I planted out the Nasturtiums.

And yesterday while Kym and I were at the  Young Designers Market  at South Bank, Matt collected my native bee hive!

Yes I went to buy a packet of seeds and came out with a bee hive! So excited! Between getting bundles in and out of the dye pot today, I watched bees take their first confused, wobbly steps out into their new garden.

Another good day indeed.

PS this is how the new fabric came out:

10 thoughts on “My Day – the follow up

  1. rossandrenate says:

    Nat – I loved reading yourSaturday post – wanted to comment but couldn’t find out how to do it.Have a new computer withwindows 10 and trying to find my way around it. I have a good friend coming tomorrow morning to teach me a bit more. Keep the “Happy Days” coming. Cheers from Renate.

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  2. WyldWeaver says:

    I am hoping to have a go at some dying but dont seem to be able to find alum are you able to suggest a supplier please

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