On other matters Past and Present

I’m up to something different at the moment.

Way back, before I started eco dyeing I did installation art. You know, that big useless stuff that you can’t sell. One good thing about doing installations is that it teaches you to think BIG, which is actually useful when it comes to Public Art.

I have created several history inspired Public Artworks around Brisbane. One of my favourites is 86 Burnett Lane. Completed in 2010 as part of the BCC Vibrant Laneways project it rises 15m up the building fascade, and takes it’s inspiration both from the history of the location and surveyor, James Charles Burnett, for whom the laneway was named.

It was only intended to last 5 years so I’m always pleased when in the city, to find it still there. Particular Burnett’s obituary on the roller door. Oh the roller door. The things we artists inflict on ourselves and our helpers! I loved the piece of writing and it’s pathos and had the random idea of covering the ancient, rusty roller door with it. I still can’t believe I found someone mad enough to do it! (Looking at you, Tim from Gorilla signs) The door was given a rub down to remove any loose rust, then the bulk of the writing was applied using a stencil. The following Saturday found Tim sitting on a milk crate with his iPod on, painting out the joints of the stencil. Commitment!

Anyway, the reason I mention it is that I’m working on another public artwork which has introduced me to another early personality in Queensland history. This new work has also afforded me the opportunity to play with digital technologies that I’ve been theorising about for years. I’ll tell more once the publicity has launched. And yes I’ve found a new helper to torment! … hope he doesn’t read this blog!

Until then, here’s a sample image

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