New year New things Same colour scheme

Happy 2018 all!

For several years I have been a member of Qld Spinners Weavers & Fibre Artists.

Every Jan the members of the Book and Paper Group get together for a 4 day event called The Cook Up. Tables are set up with a huge range of materials, mini workshops are run, and everyone sets to work on new projects, or ones that NEED to be finished.

This year, one of the projects I decided to work on was an Ugly Book. Inspired by an image on Pinterest it is made out of corrigated cardboard, and is a torn, splashed, frenetic piece of spontaneity. No rules. No grinding to a halt while planning.





After finishing the Ugly Book in a day and a bit, I applied the same colour scheme to the little pyramid book I made at the first mini workshop. I had made this structure in my usual, non existent concentration span way. I had glanced at the diagrams, not bothered to actually read the instructions, and decided I liked it better with the edges partially open rather fully glued together.

Collaging the pyramid to match the Ugly Book glued all those lovely open edges together and it became dead. However, as you can see from the pic below they are back! Remember this was an exploration in not being precious. Not happy? Rip the edges apart again and play until you are.

Then make a display board to match. Coz these 2 totally need their own display board!

Now how did I come to fall into that colour scheme?

Not it’s not because it matches the cat. And no she will not be taking part in any performances. I think her face makes that very clear.

Oh yeah the eco dyeing! I’m afraid I have abandoned my pots somewhat due to the summer heat. But I’m going to have to brave up and get cooking again. Got to make sure I’ve got my hand in before my workshop in Feb.

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