Only 2 weeks!

It’s only 2 weeks until my first workshop of the year!

The workshop is the weekend of Feb 24th 10-4 both days, at Qld Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists in Auchenflower, Brisbane.

I prefer the 2 day format as Eco Dyeing is a slow process and the bundles benefit from an overnight soak in the cooling dye pot.

Somehow I do still let myself get talked into running shorter workshops, like last October.

I was invited by Red Ridge Interior Qld and the Central West Aboriginal Corp to head to outback Queensland and do 5 workshops, in 5 days … in 5 TOWNS! It was an awesome experience but boy I was tired afterwards! To get both the techniques I use into 1 day, and have enough cooking time we used silk scarves. First the students learnt how to get prints from leaves onto the silk. Next they learnt how to get vibrant, wild colours from onion skins, red cabbage, grapes etc.

First up was Tambo. What a rowdy bunch! They were a bunch of characters.

Next up, Blackall. A studious group ( including some repeat customers) but still well able to have fun.

Third was Barcaldine. It was a small group so very informal, but such a great day. Lovely people, and a workshop full of spectacular indigenous paintings.

Fourth was Longreach. Red Ridge facilitator, Louise Campbell had been interviewed on radio the day before and we had received word that it may have been overbooked, so I arrived with some trepidation. We ended up with 12, so phew!

The last workshop was in Winton. This one was a night time workshop so I sent the leaf print scarves home with the participants to be opened the next day.

Annnd then I fell in a heap and slept!

If you are interested in joining the Feb workshop tickets are available on Eventbrite.


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  1. wendering says:

    Can you please tell me whether your workshop with Spinners covers how to get dyes from things you mention – onion skins, red cabbage and grapes?

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