Work and play meet

It’s the start of the month and nearly time for the Young Designers Market.

Kym’s been working hard and will have new glass pieces and indigo clothing for all the family.

And I’ve been busy too. When not at the dye pot I’ve been stitching new merino patch t shirts and making cards.

But I have also found time to experiment.  In recent workshops I’ve had several students who worked on the angle and it inspired me. (I’m always telling students that the workshops are as invigorating for me as for them.) So this scarf was folded into quarters with Tallow Wood leaves ( yes my neighbour’s tree is still my favourite)  and then rolled on the diagonal around a piece of found metal.

And here’s how it came out

It star bursts out from the centre, which I love but can’t photograph well.  Soooo you’ll have to come along to the Young Designers Market to see it for yourself!

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