Were you waiting?

Were you all waiting to see what came out of that first pot home?

The Bloodwood Brew which started out a deep red became a rich chocolate.

And those wonderful machine parts I scavenged from the dump.  Yum! I am very excited by the direction these are taking my mind.

Isn’t it exciting the difference the water can make? Same leaves, one on the left with rain water, one on the right with artesian bore water. I always get lovely lavenders out west. And greens.

I got to catch up with Wendy D, one of the students from my July workshop. Look at what she has made her pieces into!!!

Found time to walk up and down the mountain. So hard to believe a place like this is within walking distance of my inner city home.

Then found time to learn something new.  I now make beanies!

Finally it was back to work on Sunday at the Young Designers Markets, South Bank, where I said goodbye to this favourite.

Time to go put another brew on…

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