First Workshop 2016

Last weekend was my first workshop for 2016. I spent a wonderful 2 days with 6 creative gals.

We played with paper, silk, wool, red cabbage, purple carrots onion skins, pre mordanted leaves … If we could think of it we experimented with it! Nearly had to chase some of them out with a broom at the end of day 1!

Everyone arrived bright and early on Day 2, ready to open their presents from the pot.

And yes they had been very very busy! And the results were fantastic. Unfortunately for the first time I have forgotten to take a pic of the washing line!

Cass was understandably excited with her impressive piece of merino

Everyone was straight back to work as the pots closed at 12.

As Jane finished off her second piece of merino ( while singing “Let it go” in her head) I made up a quick piece which I opened yesterday. It has a different background colour for me and I’m rather chuffed with it.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend.

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