Where to now?

It’s been over a week since “Canopy” and I am finally resurfacing.

It was a huge week.

I was happy.

The art was happy.

The visitors were happy.

I love how the space is the final element of the artwork, informing how it will be arranged. In this case, no table cloths and everything up away from the floor.

With the air con making all the scarves flutter it had a really natural, open air feel.

Another choice that informed the display was hanging the Canopy panels on stripped Chinese Elm branches from my yard. During set up it quickly became clear that as many pieces as possible needed to be hung on these branches.

I feel sometimes that I am like the Chinese Elm; an import who is florishing.

Now, I said the space was the final element of the artwork but actually the final element is the people. Several times I got to see someone try in a scarf and everyone in the room go: ” Yup that’s the one.”

Since the beginning of this Eco Dyeing journey I have maintained that these are artworks designed to travel. They are printed with the leaves of my home, but their story truely begins when they join your journey.

Thank you to everyone who came along.

And thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who supported me.

And yes the next step on this journey is underway.

4 thoughts on “Where to now?

  1. rossandrenate says:

    Natalie I truly loved your “Canopy” art exhibition and thanks to you I love eco dyeing.I admire your workRenate xxxSent from my Samsung GALAXY S5

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