In 2014 I had the good fortune to meet Teresa Dair when she came to Brisbane for the Craft Show. She is responsible for getting me interested in knitting. I had wanted to dye the knitted surface, however what I had seen of knitting was not me. Teresa blew my mind.

I made the decision to move away from printing on clothing blanks a few months ago so it was time to revisit Teresa’s pattern books.

This is a 4pointed scarf called Halter, which can be worn as a scarf or shrug.

You’ll be proud of me.

I followed the pattern.

I didn’t let my attention wander.


Then this happened …

I made a freeform (made it up as I was going) 3 point scarf which became an asymmetrical vest. It is knitted on 4 different sizes of needles which I swapped out randomly. I also added holes here and there which I embellished with contrasting yarn.

It will go in the pot, probably on the weekend, along with this piece hot off the needles.

It was intended to be a Teresa vest, was changed to be a Teresa tunic, however due to the variance in needle size and number of stitches cast on it was too long. After some folding and sewing it is a tunic that can be worn as a singlet, with one or both shoulders covered.

Now off to the dyepot.

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  1. Doreen Dyer says:

    Natalie, I love following your ‘adventures’. I hadn’t heard of Teresa Dair – we don’t have a big call for knitting here in Darwin, but I just love this work.

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