Listening and learning

I often forget how important it is to spend time in the company of others.

On Monday I crawled out of bed (eventually. It’s winter and the cats are cuddly) and went down the hill to Qld Spinners Weavers & Fibre Artists for Book & Paper Group ( you will notice the organisation isn’t good at short, catchy names).

I never remember to check the monthly activity before hand and as a result end up having spontaneous fun as I’ve come in with no plans or expectations.

This month Tricia Smout was teaching us Flexagons, little book structures which move in unexpected ways. Once you get the structure constructed to the point that you can see how it is going to move it’s hard not to grin with childish glee.

I think, between Book Group and workshops I’ve learnt most of the book structures I use from Tricia. If you are interested in getting started making your own Artist Books I highly recommend Tricia’s classes.

My next sales event isn’t until July

And after that you can check out Tricia’s work

In the meantime I am off to make that Flexagon Book on the Life Cycle of a Frog I promised Tricia.

Dont ask.

It’s a long story involving the chicken and the egg, and Frogurt the Legless Frog.

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