Folded Book Art

At the annual Cook Up at Qld Spinners Weavers & Fibre Artists in January Di ran a workshop on Folded Book Art.  I took rather a shine to it.  Although there is the option to cut and glue the book to achieve even more dramatic forms I prefer to just fold as I like that the book isn’t destroyed.  That has always been my issue with Altered Books – most books I can’t bring myself to change.


I gave this one the title “Revenge is Sweet” because it is a copy of “Far from the Madding Crowd”.  Sorry to any Thomas Hardy fans out there but no one likes the books they had to read for school.

I like with folded book art that you can chose to highlight elements like images …
 … Or items left between the pages.  In this case a Clothing Swing Tag
used as a bookmark and fitted well with the book’s title.
As you can see from the pic below I might have an addiction brewing ….
Oh, and an idea for an installation.

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