Beyond Memory

We take pictures to remember.

We arrange them to repeat our own story back to us.

Sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we forget to share the stories with those who comes next.

What is a picture without its thousand words?

I have always been a Collector/Protector/Archivist of Mementoes. I am particularly drawn to photographs which have lost their human.

Last week I was gifted three vintage albums. Unusually this time I know the source.

When Bevan (who featured in my previous work “Speaking Stones”) moved into a retirement home he & his daughter when through his photo albums to create one from his favourite images. These 3 albums are from his time in the US Navy (as he was to young to enlist in the Australian Services.) He no longer remembered the people in them so he didn’t want the albums. He has since passed away & his daughter decided to give them to me.

I had an idea for using them however I may have to rethink. Bevan it turns out had a great eye & I will need to celebrate his work.

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